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"Naked Selfie On Airplane" Action Figure


"Naked Selfie On Airplane" Action Figure by John Yuyi
collaborated with Hardleveltaro Toy

The concept of the action figure came from John Yuyi's selfie project "Naked Selfie On Airplane" since 2018.
The project is still ongoing, and the goal is to take naked selfie every time taking a flight.
What she wants to explore is the relationship between a space and a group of people in the same confined space and the persistence in doing something seems to be meaningless.

Limited edition 200pcs
100pcs International
100pcs Taiwan local only

Material: Cast, Non woven Fabric
Action figure size: height 10cm/ 4 inch
Cardboard size: A5
Made in Taiwan

20% of profits from international sales will go directly to Asian American Legal
Defense and Education Fund @aaldef and Immigrant History Initiative @immigranthistoryinitiative supporting the Stop Asian Hate movement. Hope to bring awareness of anti-Asian racism, help Asian immigrant communities in a more practical way and help non-Asian have more opportunities to learn about Asian culture. :-)

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